I usually get a bit anxious when I perform. The day of a show, I’ll wake up way too early (like 4 a.m.), feel sick and tired all day, ask why I keep doing this to myself, then recover just in time to get up on stage perform.

Then, I love it. I have a great time up there. I feel even better afterward, just a bit euphoric if I feel like I played well.

Anyway, I’ve been really terrible about updating the site. I recently played a couple of shows and had a blast both times, after those moments of anxiety. Then I ask myself, what was I so worried about?

The Feb. 17 show at Lost Lake was just exciting and a lot of fun. The process of booking the show started off a bit snake-bitten, with folks dropping out, but then I feel like I lucked into an amazing lineup.

Ben Kronberg started the night strong with some ’80s / Cure vibes. Then, Sour Boy, Bitter Girl (Benjamin Buttice) came in with some punky, spiky songwriting–echoes of Elvis Costello. Then I played to the largest crowd I’ve played to as Desert Atlas — the only other time I’d played at Lost Lake was six or seven years ago, as the drummer for another band, so this was quite a thrill. Finally, Fire Motel closed out the show with a bunch of catchy, multilayered songs.

Desert Atlas on the TV at Lost Lake

Then, a couple of days ago, I had the pleasure of performing at BOCO Cider in north Boulder. What a great space! Acoustics were flattering, particularly for my style of music. The ciders were tasty and strong, and the audience was attentive. Definitely going back for a few drinks.

In other show news, I’ve got another one coming up March 12, at one of my favorite places on the Front Range: The Roxy on Broadway. Some of you might know that I like to go to the Roxy’s twice-monthly open mics, and that I’ve been going there since it was Syntax Physic Opera. But outside all of that, it is a wonderful, intimate space with amazing staff that I’ve gotten to know a little bit. Plus, there’s a cool new speakeasy in the basement!

Really excited about this show and I hope you can make it.