Enigma Bazaar is an incredible spot

Here’s another show recap long after the fact. Ah, well.

On Friday, May 27, I was fortunate enough to be part of a great (coincidentally all-Asian-led?) lineup of musicians at Enigma Bazaar on West 38th Avenue in Denver.

It’s described as a “mystical, immersive arts bar and performance venue, serving innovative, fresh, seasonal cocktails and a 100% from scratch Latin-inspired menu … home to all kinds of artistic expressions from live music, performance art, dance, and film to theatre, circus, magic, and tarot/astrology readings.”

I gotta tell you, it’s an incredibly cool space–check out the pics below, and go to the space yourself. It lives up to the mystical billing (and there are tarot readers on the regular). Sound, too, was one of the best I’ve experienced.

Also brilliant was getting to meet and listen to mlady, Sam Paul, and ii/lo (pronounced “too low”). Great, great people and musicians.