Lyric video and album news

So I decided to try making one of those lyric videos all the kids are talking about these days:

I think it turned out okay, though I’d love to have a “real” music video some time. It’s just hard to find the time and resources (though I know a couple of folks who could help me), and I’m also not that comfortable in front of the camera.

Anyway, the video was motivated by some much larger news: I’m coming out with a full-length album! Fourteen tracks of Desert Atlas goodness, titled “The Great Plains are an Ocean” (your mileage may vary). After working on it for the past couple of years (a great deal of it during the pandemic), I’m planning on getting it out into the world this June. Here’s the cover and back, with the full track listing. That sign is for the Driftwood Motel on Colfax Avenue in Denver—it’s closed now, but there’s some wonderful reviews for the place on Yelp.

Hoping to get out more and play—definitely some open mics, maybe some “real” shows. Definitely need some practice.