Fall 2022 Recap

Ugh. Keeping a website up to date is hard work. Not really, but I haven’t been doing it very well.

But better late than never, so I’ll try to put down for the record the stuff that happened in autumn of last year.

First, though, one last thing from August: I played at the awesome Cannon Mine Coffee:

October 8 was a busy day for Desert Atlas. That morning, we had the pleasure of playing a unique venue as part of the Lafayette Music Festival: The Drum Box.

That was our first show as a trio. Short-lived, unfortunately, but I’ll cover that in another post.

Later that day, I performed a solo set at the Bruz Beers brewery in Midtown Denver. First off, great beers. Second, convenient location (to me—it’s like 5 minutes from my house). Third, I love how they support local musicians.

Obviously, that was a blast. Then, I got to do it again about a month later at Bruz Off Fax, their location (you guessed it) off Colfax. Same great beers, same great time.

And that’s it for fall 2022. Up next—we close out the year!