Ending the year on a high note

As I mentioned in my previous post, which I published just an hour ago, Desert Atlas briefly played as a trio for the Lafayette Music Fest in October. A month later, we were invited to play at the venerable Mercury Cafe, a Denver institution, with Manic Moon and Chariots & Charioteers. The full indie spectrum!

I was excited. It would be our first show in a Denver performance space as a full band—we couldn’t have chosen a better venue.

Unfortunately, a week before the show, our drummer up and moved to Austin. Bummer.

Eric and I decided to forge ahead, regardless, and it turned out to be a great show!

Desert Atlas at Mercury Cafe

I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to wear my new Rockmount Ranch shirt—a birthday present from my lovely wife.

The sound was awesome, the space was beautiful, the crowd was engaged (thanks for coming!), and Manic Moon and Chariots & Charioteers killed it. Plus, we got a line on a drummer thanks to that gig. So, great results all around!