Starting the year on a high note

I’m finally catching up, now that February’s almost over.

So, despite losing our drummer last-minute, we carried on and had a fun and great show at the Mercury Cafe on December 10 and closed out 2022 with a bang.

Not only that, but directly because of that show, we found a great new drummer! I think the day after, Zack messaged me after hearing about our opening from Manic Moon‘s drummer, Alex. To be honest, losing our (first) drummer left a bad taste in a my mouth and I had planned on taking a bit of a break from trying to book shows. (Also, I really enjoy the holidays and didn’t want to stress myself out.)

But then I got an invite from Max’s Mirror, whom we’d played with previously at Moe’s BBQ, to join them in opening for Zealot at the Roxy on Broadway. I couldn’t possibly say no—I love Max’s Mirror’s indie Pavement-y sound, I’d played with another band of Mike’s, who plays drums for Zealot, and, as I’ve mentioned before, the Roxy is one of my favorite places in Denver.

So we hurriedly got in a practice and a half (Eric wasn’t available for one of them) and tried to get it together as quickly as possible.

We killed it, as far as I’m concerned, and so did Zealot and Max’s Mirror.

And guess what? Looks like we’ll be back at the Roxy, opening for Salads and Sunbeams (with whom Eric plays guitar and occasional bass) alongside Gabriel Albelo and the Midnight Temples Band. Don’t miss it!

Salads and Sunbeams show poster