Another Mutiny …

show, I mean. This past Sunday, I had the absolute pleasure of listening to some great music and meeting some very lovely people: Fort Collins' Nathaniel Riley and Distance Walk, who on this evening were Barry Osborne on banjo, Niki Tredinnick on clarinet, and Olivia Shaw on fiddle. Some photos:

Video on the Radio

My time as part of the Local 303 on Indie 102.3 has come to an end, but not before I had the chance to embarrass myself one more time via the Local 303 Virtual Meetup, premiered on YouTube on Nov. 29. Watch it in all its glory:

Radio Ga Ga

All through the month of November, you can hear songs from my album on Indie 102.3, because I've been chosen to be part of the Local 303. I've had the pleasure of hearing myself quite a few times over the past week or so, and it still gives me a thrill. In other radio news, big thanks to Sunday Nights with Alf on KTCL for adding Desert Atlas to his Locals Only rotation, and to Lonely Oak Radio for the extensive internet plays.

On the Denver Music Community Podcast

I was surprised to learn that the album was featured on the latest episode of the Denver Music Community Podcast. Listen below: I really appreciate how they truly seemed to listen to the tracks and the album as a whole, and do agree with the hosts' contention that it's a bit long. In retrospect, cutting one or two songs could've made it all a bit stronger. I also liked how they gave well-deserved props for the production, mixing and mastering,...

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