New album now on Bandcamp + show news

The new (and so far only) album, "The Great Plains are an Ocean," can now be ordered on Bandcamp: The Great Plains are an Ocean by Desert Atlas Unfortunately, because of poor timing on my part, the thing may or may not be available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Apple Music / iTunes, etc., by the time of the album release show this Friday, June 4, from 8 to 10:30 p.m. at Mutiny Information Cafe, 2 S. Broadway, Denver. However, you can...

Coming back to live

Having been fully vaccinated, I finally ventured out for my first open mic in a year and a half—to the Corner Beet, one of my favorite places to play. Found myself incredibly chatty, catching up with folks I hadn't seen in a long time and meeting some new people as well. Gio is a great host, all the performers are entertaining and the audience is attentive. Also awesome is the fact that the whole thing gets streamed live on Facebook. I come...

Lyric video and album news

So I decided to try making one of those lyric videos all the kids are talking about these days: I think it turned out okay, though I'd love to have a "real" music video some time. It's just hard to find the time and resources (though I know a couple of folks who could help me), and I'm also not that comfortable in front of the camera. Anyway, the video was motivated by some much larger I'm coming out with a full-length album! Fourteen tracks of...

Props from Indie 102.3

I was wondering why views for my Tiny Desk Contest entry had suddenly shot up (to like 150 views, but when you're starting in the single digits, that counts as a tidal wave). Turns out I'd been included in this list of 13 Colorado Artists' Tiny Desk Submissions We Loved (I'm the fifth video down).

‘Another Lie’ released on Bandcamp

Make this the soundtrack to your false spring! With snow in the forecast after a week of 60-degree days, Denver, Colorado's Desert Atlas has dropped the perfect song for the season, whether that involves social distancing, getting one last day of skiing, or stocking up on hand sanitizer.Download "Another Lie" for free (or whatever) at Coming soon on iTunes and various streaming services. Another Lie: The Single by Desert Atlas