I usually get a bit anxious when I perform. The day of a show, I'll wake up way too early (like 4 a.m.), feel sick and tired all day, ask why I keep doing this to myself, then recover just in time to get up on stage perform. Then, I love it. I have a great time up there. I feel even better afterward, just a bit euphoric if I feel like I played well. Anyway, I've been really terrible about updating the site. I recently played a couple of shows...

Radio Ga Ga

All through the month of November, you can hear songs from my album on Indie 102.3, because I've been chosen to be part of the Local 303. I've had the pleasure of hearing myself quite a few times over the past week or so, and it still gives me a thrill. In other radio news, big thanks to Sunday Nights with Alf on KTCL for adding Desert Atlas to his Locals Only rotation, and to Lonely Oak Radio for the extensive internet plays.

Show me the shows!

On August 7, I played an hourlong set at City Park Farmers Market in Denver. You might remember that the air quality was quite bad for several days there, which makes singing over a stretch of time quite rough. And I'm not a morning person to begin with Still, I had a great time! Even got some complimentary coffee and breakfast burritos out of the deal. View this post on Instagram A post shared by desert atlas (@desertatlasmusic) But I'm not...

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